Top 5 Custom ROMs for Moto G ( XT 1032 & XT 1033)

By | April 16, 2014

The Motorola Moto G has easily surpassed all expectations and has now become a leader in the Mid-range phones battles. With a stunning 4.5-inch HD Display, 1GB RAM And Kitkat 4.4 coming out of the box, it is way more than what one can possibly get in such a price range. And not to anybody’s surprise, this has now gone on to become one of the developer’s favorite device. Getting official Cyanogenmod support and for the first time a dual SIM device getting official CM support is a testimony to that very fact. A number of custom ROMs have now come up for it. So, we think that that now would be the perfect time to do a Top 5 list for the Moto G. Do bear in mind though that  this by  no means implies that the other ROMs posted by the sheer hard work of the devs are any lesser. This is simply a personal top 5 list of custom ROMs for the Moto G. So, let the games begin.


5.Carbon ROM [UNOFFICIAL] by Alberto97

The carbon ROM has placed a strong foothold for itself in the custom ROM arena. It has innumerable features. And thanks to Alberto97 we now have it for the Moto G. The thing to note is that though it doesn’t work completely bug free on XT1033 (dual) yet. It boots well but the System UI force closes. The dev is hard at work though and we hope that it would be fixed soon enough. Apart from that, the ROM is really good. From carbon fibres to dark carbon, everything just adds to its beauty. If  you want, A detailed look of its features can be seen at the official site . We would suggest that you flash it right away on your G and experience the loads of customizations it brings to the table.

Download links and details can be found here




4.C-RoM by vocoderism

Who doesn’t love custom ROMs based on stock? I do. This offers the stability and reliability of stock plus the loads of features and tweaks that you may find in custom ROMs. Well, C ROM is exactly this. It is based on Stock 4.4 and works flawlessly  on XT1032 but doesn’t work on XT1033(dual) as reported by users as system UI Closes on the dual SIM version. It really has loads of options, right from pie,halo,active display to dark C-ROM and floating windows features. Its really smooth and bug less as well. The developer also keeps on providing timely updates which increases the positives of this ROM. So, if you are someone who wants a custom rom feeling on a bedrock of stock, then you shall surely try this.

Download links and further details can be found here.




3. Paranoid Android by vocoderism

Paranoid Android has really become a sensation in the world of custom ROMs coming right up there with giants such as Cyanogenmod, MIUI, etc.And how could our beloved Moto G be left behind!The paranoidAndroid AOSP+ 4.4.2 is up and running and is nearly perfect. Nearly because the dual SIM Moto G Xt1033 is not officially supported, so there will be no delight for them. As for Xt1032 users, this is a ROM you need to try. The tablet UI and Phablet UI are a delight to use midst a host of other options. So, if you are one who craves for more and more features and options, you might as well go for this, provided you are on XT1032 device ;).

Download links and further details can be found here.




2. Cyanogenmod 11 by dhacker29

We just can’t thank dhacker29 enough for this amazing work he has done. For the first time, we have witnessed an official Cyanogenmod for a dual SIM device that too with both SIMs working flawlessly all thanks to him. The ROM is as smooth as it gets. It is pure CM with characteristic famous CM features. Both XT1032 and Xt1033 (dual) devices can flash this and it works absolutely bug less on both. It is really really stable indeed and with continuous regular nightlies and snapshot builds officially from CM, you will never be left for want of support. There are no bugs as of now. And do I really need to tell you about the Cyanogenmod? Just go ahead and try this ASAP on your Moto G.

Download links and further details can be found here




1. Official Mokee OS by herna

This is a surprise, isn’t it? Some would accuse me of wrongly placing mokee OS above giants like PA and CM. But I shall give you the reasons why I have done that. First and foremost this ROM has all of the features the above mentioned CM11 has like dual SIM compatibility and being absolutely bug less. But it comes with the added incentive of a number of other features that CM lacks. Things like Multi Windows, List view animations, Halo, Active display including various others are not found in CM natively but in Mokee OS these work absolutely perfectly. Now some may even say that PAC and Carbon too have some of these features, but they lack dual SIM support which is why this is currently the ROM to beat. Its got everything you can ask for, from features to stability.  And they are constantly adding new features which makes it even better. So, go ahead, flash this on your Moto G and try for yourself.

All the details and download links can be found here



Thats it folks. That was our list of Top 5 Custom ROMs for Moto G  and we hope we did a good job of it. But you are welcome to differ from our views. Do comment and tell us your own favourite ROM and also convey to us if you agree with our list. And I repeat again that this is just a personal opinion and this by no means implies that the various other ROMs made by the determination of the developers are in any way inferior.  So, keep trying new ROMs and keep the Beast Motorola Moto G in full throttle. Cheers.

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