How to Overclock Moto G(XT1033 included) upto 1.6GHz Using Faux Kernel

By | April 10, 2014

Cyanogenmod. Check.

PAC. Check

Custom Kernel. Check

Overclock? Yeah, check.

The Motorola Moto G has been the developer’s favorite baby recently partially because of its such huge success and partly because of its amazing specs. And now thanks to the Xda’s one of premier developers faux123, Moto G users can overclock their devices upto 1.6Ghz which is an upgrade over the 1.2Ghz stock frequency. This works on the dual sim versions as well which is seen in emerging markets like India and Brazil. Apart from the OC feature also, the kernel is really really awesome.  Faux123 explains and I quote “Hybrid kernel means the core although still has the 3.4.0 kernel label, it has incorporated many advanced features available only on Linux 3.8+ and beyond. I have backported many of those advanced features for Linux 3.4, hence the name hybrid!“. I persoanlly have used it as well and I have got to admit it made the device a bit snappier and also improved on battery life.”

So, lets get started and here are the instructions to flash Faux Kernel on your Moto G.

How to  flash Faux Kernel on Moto G and overclock

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk! This installation process assumes that you have either PhilZ or CWM or TWRP Recovery flashed on your Moto G

  1. Download Faux Kernel for Moto G- (Non overclocked Kernel is represented by m and Overclocked ones by u)
  • For Stock Kitkat 4.4 here
  • For stock JB 4.3 here
    1. Now put the zip you downloaded into the root of your sd-card
    2. Reboot your device to Custom Recovery
    3. Now flash this Faux Kernel on your stock Moto G using clockwork mod recovery, Philz or TWRP. Follow these steps :
      • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
      • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
      • Now select the kernel downloaded earlier.
      • Confirm the installation and wait till it is installed on you handset.
    4. Now select reboot system now.
    5. Wait for a while and the device should reboot.
    6. Enjoy the kernel  and the overclocking :)
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  • huyara

    Can i install this on my CyanogenMod 11 nightly phone moto g xt1033? I mean that i have custom rom installed in my phone will it affect? Or do i have to restore and start with clean install?

    • Coquii

      This kernel does not support CM11 🙁

  • Eimantas Adzgauskas

    i just flashed the kernel and my moto g xt1032 is stuck on the motorola boot logo. i could hear a notification go off and my led notification light is flashing but the screen is stuck on the motorola boot logo. help

    • Henrik Takset

      I know it’s late, but you installed the wrong version for your Android version OR you are running on a custom rom. To fix it just reflash stock or flash a custom rom and it should work

  • Hemanth

    Can I Install It On Moto G Indian Version Running 4.4.4 (XT1033) ??

  • Nick Lucier

    Whats the diff between 011m and 013m-r4?

  • jiry

    is there a kernel for cm11 that overclocks to 1.6 ghz

  • Sid Sun

    Marshmallow Comparitable?