Top 5 Custom ROMs for HTC One M7

By | March 29, 2013

Well, isn’t it quick? Numerous ROMs along with clockworkmod recovery and TWRP are already out for HTC One M7 and there are surely plenty more to follow as time goes on. Due to the increasing number of custom ROMs now available for the HTC One a Top 5 list was surely needed and here it is. Most of these are based on Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) – latest official HTC One 1.28.401.7 (WWE) firmware which lets you unleash all the capabilities of your M7 and sport the looks of Sense 5.0. So, here we go with our top 5…

5. Maximus 7 ROM for M7 by LlabTooFeR


This is a real clean and simple custom ROM that gives you some of the essential features such as aroma installer that helps you to  remove the apps that you do not require and install additional mods while installation only. Moreover it is  Deodexed, Zipaligned and comes pre Rooted. It has the functionality of OTA Updates ( Over the air) updates that will allow you to update your ROM to the latest features very very easily indeed. So, go ahead and try this out.


4. OrDroid 2.5.1 by shnizlon


This ROM can be considered to be on the same lines as #5 Maximus 7. This too has features such as the ROM being deodexed, zipaligned, pre rooted, aroma installer, etc. But what makes it #4 on our list is OpenVPN support, Performance optimizations, Memory optimizations, and the Excellent battery life which were not quite present in the maximus 7. Also it has  Persistent ADB enabled and all bloatware has been removed which gives the users a sleek and fast experience. For complete details and features you can visit the original thread.

  • Download  OrDroid 2.5.1 here


3. Renovate ROM for Htc One M7 by mwilky


Number 3 on our top 5 list is Renovate ROM. This really has a bundle of features packed in ranging from  the entire system being deimaged to Increased max mms size. It has been Cleaned and has a tweaked build.prop for better performance. There is an Advanced Power Menu along with the battery % mod. All the bloatware is completely removed and the apps are all up to date and the  apks are zipaligned and deodexed. There are many more features that makes it a really awesome ROM.  The releases in the form of  nightlies that  get automatically uploaded every night are very useful although they may not be 100% stable So,  if you want a
stable release your best sticking to the official releases, say the developers. For complete details and features you can visit the original thread.

  • Download Renovate stable release for Htc one M7 here.
  • Download Renovate nightlies here
2.TrickDroid 2.2.2 for Htc One M7 by torxx
So, what makes trickdoroid #2 on our list? Here are the reasons. These I think might be enough to encourage you to try out this wonderful ROM. If not, check out more features from the original thread here
  • TrickDroid tweak package option
  • Fixed all original HTC bugs
  • Advanced Power Menu along with CM Brightness Mod
  • Extended Quick Settings in Sense 5 style & Menu tweak in Settings
  • Rooted with latest SuperUser, Deodexed with latest baksmali/smali and Zipaligned with latest SDK
  • UI Optimization
  • Custom unsecured boot.img with Ramdisk tweaks
  • Removed bloatware, Init.d support.
  • AROMA Installer with many options like:
  • Option between different battery mods
  • MIUI battery bar incl settings
  • Auto Brightness Mod
  • SMS Screen On Mod
1.Android Revolution HD for Htc One by mike1986.
#1 on our list of custom roms for the HTC one is none other than the Android Revolution HD Rom. It has features that you can’t just resist and that’s what makes it the best. It has some essential features such as the Removed software (CPU) rendering – full Snapdragon 600 (GPU) rendering and GPU UI Rendering enabled that really escalates the overall performance of your M7. Apart from that the Etx 4 performance is improved and all Bloatware applications removed. You can replace HTC boot animation with any custom one and it also provides adobe flash player support. Needless to say it is pre rooted, zipaligned and deodexed and also has Improved CPU governors performance, Auto init.d permissions set on boot and an excellent battery life. So, what are you waiting for? Get going now and install this on your M7. For more on the Android Revolution HD check out the original thread here
  • Download Android Revolution Hd for Htc one M7 here
  • Download boot.img for 3.x here

Hope you liked our TOP 5 list but this by  no means mean that the other ROMs posted by the sheer hard work of the devs are any lesser.So, do go ahead and try all of them and don’t forget to post your views here…


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  • Sidney

    Do you know if any of these (particularly the last one) allows the ability to disable or remove BlinkFeed? I’m asking because I just want to double check.

    • Tech Geekal

      No, there is no such mod yet. Why would you like to disable it anyway?

      • Sidney

        I don’t really have a use for it. Plus, it takes up an available home screen. If you find any more info, would you mind letting me know?

        • Tech Geekal

          I will surely let you know if i come across anything like that.

          • Sidney

            I will indeed appreciate it. : D I’m really excited about getting the phone. Unfortunately, AT&T doesn’t release the 64GB in black until the majority population release (vs. the preorderes in silver).

          • David Brymer

            blinkfeed goes away if u use another launcher

          • Techgeekal

            Yes it does 🙁

  • Jim Bean

    Thanks for the summary of info but this makes bold statements like “excellent battery life” etc which are just taken from the ROM blurb but aren’t verified in any way yet. Just to put it into context, I agree with your list though.

    • Tech Geekal

      Thanks. But the battery life is indeed increased by some margin or another.

  • david

    is there just the 5 roms so far, ps blinkfeed is amazing i check on it lots everyday. do u know if more will be added to it.

    • Tech Geekal

      Surely as time goes on many more roms will come along.

  • Stephen Bullen

    Hi, I traded in my new S3 plus £100 FOR new 32Gb M7, but…. Seller was on the UK 3 network…. I, however, on Vodafone UK. I just found out that I must use the 3 network, or I will not be able to use 3G!? I’m not a tech head 🙁
    Keen to learn though….. HTC said this is due to the 3 network putting there software bumff on new handsets they dish out. That I can’t use another SIM for 3G without killing the warranty on my HTC one. Anyway round this please?

    • Techgeekal

      No, I don’t think so that there is any work around. It must be a carrier specific M7, thus allowing you to only use SIM cards of those carriers. Anyways have a talk at the vodafone uk centre.

  • Elanu

    hey ! does it retain it’s beats feature ? or Zoe ?

    • Techgeekal

      Yes, i think it does. But do make a backup 🙂

    • David

      All sense roms keep everything. But cm roms lose blinkfeed beats and zoe.

  • mshirman

    what happens to carrier specific apps like tmobile’s wifi calling and voice mail

    • Techgeekal

      I think they will not be there.

      • mshirman

        thank you for the reply. I just flashed mine, tmobile voicemail actually is available in the play store. Wifi calling is gone, but was pretty flaky anyway…