Cyanogenmod 10 Jellybean for Xperia Tipo Dual

By | March 10, 2013

Finally, its here! Yes, XDA’s recognized developer FXP has finally supported tipo dual by releasing his fxp210 CM10 build. The SIMs do not work yet, but it will certainly be fixed soon. The changelog is huge with features such as kernel optimization, gallery fix and Fuse being added. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and flash this Cyanogenmod 10 Rom on your Tipo Dual now. Here is the changelog and the flashing instructions.


FXP 210

– latest cm 10.0
– initial release wo gsm (Tipo dual)
– FUSE (tipo,miro,J)
– kernel optimisation (tipo,miro,J)
– Gallery fix (tipo,miro,J)
– power management (All 2011,tipo,miro,J)
– MDPI visual fix (All MDPI)
– CPU scalling and governors(All 2011)
– lights update (All 2011)
– memory optimisation (All 2011,Tipo,Miro,J)

Installation Instructions-How to flash Cyanogenmod 10 Jellybean on your Xperia Tipo Dual

  • Remember to make a backup of your current rom by first flashing cwm from here
  • Download the ROM from here
  • power off the phone:
  • hold vol+ and plug usb to boot into fastboot (blu led)
  • Open cmd in the folder where you have pasted boot.img and type ” fastboot flash boot boot.img“(from cm10 zip)
  •  Type fastboot reboot
  • enter recovery, on boot led will be violet for 3”, during this period press vol+
  • flash rom zip
  • flash gapps zip
  • wipe  and reboot
  • Remember that if you don’t flash the ROM and only install cwm then your phone will not boot at all and will come only to recvery.If this happens restore the backup made earlier :)
  • Enjoy the world of custom ROMs on your tipo dual.
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  • Vince

    Hi there,

    excuse me, but how worthy is a ROM, finally released for the dual, which has no SIM support ?! And I of course tested it yesterday. I´m tracking this topic (tipo dual and CM10) since months, but this seems to be a joke.


    • Tech Geekal

      As FXP now supports Tipo dual, hopefully very soon the gsm would start working. This is just an initial release, so we need to be patient really.

  • esakren17

    error has gsm and sim support? (mexico)

    • Tech Geekal


  • Stefan

    Do the SIMs work in FXP211?

  • Stefan

    Or do the sims work in FXP211, which is in the changelog but not in the downloads?

    • Tech Geekal

      No the SIMs do not work in fxp211

  • Mohamed

    i tired for testing rom on my tipo dual the sim still not work . are any rom support our sony tipo dual yet or not ?

    • Tech Geekal

      No 🙁

  • Jaideep

    What’s the point of releasing a mod if the sim’s don’t work I don’t know . Are there any other mod’s where the sim works let people know.