How to overclock Xperia Z aka Yuga using DooMKernel

By | March 5, 2013

Yes, we have got it. Xperia Z originally packed with a stunning 1.5Ghz Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor, is all set to be overclocked and overclocked intensely as well upto 2GHz.Xda Recognized Developer DooMLoRD has done it again by making this amazing feat happen.And the best part of it all, he has done it without a device.So, there must be many questions wandering in your head and here go the answers one by one as the screenshot, features and the instructions follow…


First of all, you might be thinking, Why overclock?

1.It increases the speed of your device a fair bit

2.You feel things to be a lot more smoother even when you do heavy multitasking.

3.And the most important reason-Because you can!

Features via the original thread

  • Standard CWM Recovery (which recognizes internal sdcard)
  • DooMKernel bootlogo
  • CPU overclock upto 1944Mhz! (almost 2GHz!!!)
  • Kernel patch to restrict CPU bootup at 384Mhz to 1458Mhz
  • ramdisk tweaks
    • kernel is insecure (
    • adb server is persistent
    • usb debugging enabled
    • rootfs and /system mounted as rw


How to flash DoomKernel on Xperia Z (C6603/C6602)

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

  1. Download the kernel image (boot.img) from here
  2. Save the boot.img downloaded earlier to the folder containing fastboot binary
  3. Now, flash the boot.img using fastboot
  4. Open cmd in the folder where you have pasted boot.img and type ” fastboot flash boot boot.img“.
  5. Reboot from fastboot by typing “fastboot reboot”.
  6. Wait for a few minutes and the device should reboot.
  7. Enjoy the kernel  and the overclocking 🙂

A few tips and “do not’s” for overclocking

  1. Start SetCPU/NoFrills CPU Control app on your Xperia Z (or any other app which supports overclocking) and allow root.
  2. Now slowly increase the MAX slider to the right (one notch at a time) to increase the maximum frequency limit
  3. Do not move to the last possible frequency or the maximum frequency at once
  4. Gradually keep increasing the frequency one notch at a time and do stability testing for few hours.


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  • Emir Mansouri

    Hi there,
    Wanted to know if you could show us swap the internal memory on xperia z to the sd card?
    I have just bought it and rooted it. Just missing the script like on the Samsung Note II.

    Emir Mansouri

    • Tech Geekal

      The script hasn’t yet come on Xperia Z so far.As soon as it does, I will let you know. And congratulations for new xperia Z

  • babar

    cant overclock it over 1836! is that normal?

    • Tech Geekal

      Yes. No worries

  • i noob :D HELP TIPS

    Save the boot.img downloaded earlier to the folder containing fastboot binary
    Now, flash the boot.img using fastboot. plz help me, i dont have no clue what is that fastboot binary? were to get it how to use it? how do i overclock the phone? i already rootet the phone so i can make it slower but not higher cpu.. help help help fast 😛

    • i noob :D HELP TIPS

      I rlly want to overclock it ! so i need rlly easy tips 1 by 1 what to do coz i cant understand that, im not a pro 😀

      • i noob :D HELP TIPS

        and yeah i have been try alot of times to make it work, like 3 hours now? i dont know how to get it work ;O ( i dont write so good english as i understand )

    • Tech Geekal

      Fastboot will come when you download the android sdk. You need to download the sdk. Then o to sdk/platform-tools folder and paste the boot.img there and follow the instructions

  • i noob :D HELP TIPS

    rlly need help i installed the boot.img, my phone aint gona start anymore? when i press the power buttom it only vibrates the phone nothing els? ididnt overclock or anything just installed the thing…. -,-

    • Techgeekal

      What all did you do?

      • i noob :D HELP TIPS

        well i have rootet the phone with EasyRootingToolkit_XPERIA-Z_SO-02E_v101-ENGLISH_tkymgr(1)it worked, i did also do this cwm-locked-bl-XZ-XZL to get the recovery system, it worked, then i have tryed this side boot img to get work but when i did download this Z-DooMKernel-v06 and tryed to get it work my phone aint anymore starting? it didnt never start with doomkerner v06 boot img, also my pc does not see my phone anywere when i put it on, the phone battery is downloading and i can get the phone to blue light mode I think its recovery or something? but it does not help/ do anything :S 🙁 im hopeless i need ur help

        • i noob :D HELP TIPS

          and when i press the power buttom it only vibrates but not doing anything for screen or anything els, if u need more information to help, plz let me know coz i rlly need help 😛

          • technerd

            Use flashtool to flash it this will remove root and any other mods

  • i noob :D HELP TIPS

    hello, i did get my xperia z back to work 🙂 so i have just one BIG question what i want answer fast plz 😛 when i go to my xperia settings and it says bootloader unlock allowed: No. is ther any posible ways to overclock my phone? because i rlly want to overclock it :S

    • Techgeekal

      What’s the problem in it? It says bootloader unlock allowed, so unlock it.

      • i noob :D HELP TIPS

        it says bootloader unlock allowed NO, i was thinking they said it must be bootloader unlock allowed yes? how do i flash custom roms/recovery to my xperia z if it says no? i wanna also overclock the phone but is it impsosible?

  • Stathis_

    greetings….I have installed the carbon rom 1.7 vresion on my xperia z….I wan’t to overclock it…but i know that the doomkernel is not compatible with xperia Z…What can i do….I love that rom…Is there another kernel that i could use or should i find another rom that is compatible with doomkernel….What roms are compatible with doomkernel?

    • Techgeekal

      I suggest you have a look at the forums once and at the thread as well 🙂

      • Stathis_

        thanks for the reply man…..i will search about overclocking…..

  • Mohammad Mustafa

    dose cyanogen mode 10.2 support doomkernel

  • Bodzer Ádám

    I was thinking about overclocking but then I realised this: Is it going to heat more? I mean if it heats more then it’s useless to overclock it because it will destroy the phone with it’s heat… If it overheats then it gets broke and my device can die… So can you tell me what other problems can happen?