MIUI V4 for Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570

By | January 9, 2013

Yes you finally get it!Though there have been a couple of MIUI V4 ROMs for galaxy mini users, yet they are way outdated and do not have things like camera.But with this work of xda senior member adityalahiri13, MIUI is updated to latest features and also it has camera and root working without any sort of graphical glitches.Moreover it also very smooth and as always very stylish, a trait that all MIUI  roms do have.So, without much delay here is the download link and the flashing instructions.

Download it here

Installation Process

Disclaimer : Do It At Your Own Risk!

  1. Download required files and updates from below :
  • MIUI V4 from here
  1. Copy the downloaded files to the (Root directory of) your sd-card.
  2. Reboot your device to Custom Revovery (Press Home + Power Button).
  3. [Optional but, Recommended] Do a Nandroid Backup of your current ROM.
  4. Now from recovery main menu and select Wipe Data option.
  5. Confirm data wipe by selecting Yes.
  6. Now flash this ICS based rom using clockwork mod recovery. Follow these steps :
    • Choose Install Zip From Sd Card option.
    • Select Choose Zip From SD Card option.
    • Now select the rom downloaded earlier.
    • Confirm the installation and wait till the rom is installed on you handset.
  7. Now go to advanced/dalvik cache and wipe dalvik cache.
  8. Wipe cache partition.
  9. Reboot and enjoy!
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  • NorbertBarta

    I would like to ask you something. In your opinion what is the fastest and most stable rom for Samsung Galaxy Mini? I’m using CM-10_15-12-12 with SWAP and APP2SD update, but it’s really laggy. Please give me an advice.

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @NorbertBarta for me smoothest would be the gb roms like new experience v7

  • RxDeogracias

    mine can have super user access? how can i fix this? this is a good rom though. cause i previously used miui rc3.

  • RxDeogracias

    mine can’t have super user access. how can i fix this? this is a good rom though. cause i previously used miui rc3. my problem is when i try to restore my app using titanium is doesnt ask for su permissions and then it will start the installation yet it wont install

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @RxDeogracias try the latest build by going to the original thread

      • RxDeogracias

        @techgeekal dude it still doesn’t restore my app. but now it has su access

        • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

          @RxDeogracias ;( maybe its a problem with the rom..we have to wait till the developer fixes it

        • RxDeogracias

          @techgeekal where can I get updates from the developer? :)))

        • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

          @RxDeogracias as soon as he brings out something new i will have it updated here

        • RxDeogracias

          @techgeekal thanks dude!

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @RxDeogracias it works well with the latest build

      • RxDeogracias

        @techgeekal  @RxDeogracias i’ll try it today. thank you. i’ll inform you if something happens. good job though.

        • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

          @RxDeogracias i have added the link of build 3 of this rom in the flashing instructions..check that out 😉

  • flytejas

    I installed it but it wont recognise my sim card !no sim detected it says even when the sim card isn’t removed , whats the use when we cant use our sim on the phone ?

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @flytejas it works for me man..try reflashing or try if your sim works with another rom

  • Vyshak

    hey i installed this rom and its beautiful!!!!!! but how can i get gtalk for this rom????

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @Vyshak thanks 🙂 and yes don’t forget to thank the develeoper who made it possible on xda .. to get gtalk just download it from play store 🙂

      • Vyshak

        @techgeekal yes the developers should never be forgotten in this regard as they have been providing amazing roms from time to time 🙂 🙂 and coming back to the issue, i am not able to find the gtalk app in the playstore… tried installing the apk but i am getting an error saying that the app is incompatible 🙁

  • Vyshak

    @techgeekal yes the developers shouldn’t never be forgotten in this regard as they have been providing amazing roms from time to time 🙂 🙂 and coming back to the issue, i am not able to find the gtalk app in the playstore… tried installing the apk but i am getting an error saying that the app is incompatible 🙁

  • AsifaMuhammad

    every time i unlock screen it reboots … its very annoying pls help is there any way to solve this problem ??

  • FSomenz

    Hi, 2 problems: I tried flashing MIUI v4 with CWM but
    1. when I try wiping data, there is an error “format_volume: make_extf4fs failed on /dev/block/mmcblk0p2” (CWM shows me this error everytime I want to wipe data)
    2. after booting my phone it says “Encryption Unsuccessful”, and it doesn’t work.
    Any idea to help me?

  • http://keepcalmiloveyou98.tumblr.com/ Sebasfullmusic

    When is going to be more available languages?

    • http://www.techgeekal.com techgeekal

      @Sebasfullmusic Depend on the developer

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Aditya Lahiri


  • Emmog

    Does it have Playstore??

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal


  • cris

    I try it, its nice, have style like bussines menu, wonderfull and all. After a wile i see that is like slow, i tried the cpu setings (build inside app have min set to 245 and max srt to 245mhz) encrease from 245(max) to 600mhz, still slow respond to comands. I try the usb wifi tether and guess what(not working). I ll leave this room and i will go for 4.2.2(Experience v6.0 FINAL autoradio78).
    I have a mini s5570, and sorry for me english(i`m not a fan of google translator only whenn i`m truly lost i use it).
    Me remarks do not diminuate the work of the developer , only show somme observations. Great work and nice pice of room still. The theme is one i have to have in another room.I like it .

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      Great. Just for your information, I am the one who made this ROM 🙂

  • cris

    Now I really blush…. 🙁
    I hope I have not offended or anything … but this ROM is moving slowly for me and my phone, maybe on other phones s5570 goes well.
    As i mentioned above it is a purely personal observation about me individual phone (i`m not a mobile guru or something, only a beginer) me observation is not been demonstrated as a general problem.
    Maybe my phone has something, maybe i have escaped settings (certainly i do) that i can do to create on advantage for this ROM.
    The ROM must be download it and try it ,it is safe, works ok.Opinions of users should not be taken for granted , just counted and acted accordingly if it is demonstrated that is necessary an improvement.
    Anyway, once again i apologize if i caused problems or confusing views.

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      no problems man :). I never took it that way. I know its a bit slow and miui roms are generally a bit slow. You can try new experience ROM as it is quite fast. Cheers 🙂

  • cris

    Thank you and aaaa i kind of beat that slowness with a program nemed: Seeder v1.1.apk is not much but it gives it the punch to respond like properly now. Still can not use usb or wifi tethering but it is like a general problem for s5570, some react and some not, me phone is like the one that will never tether with his nativ soft. I found a program named: wifi barnikle.apk and work with wifi tethering now(solve me problem-laptop mobile linking for internet.
    No! i`l not try another rom , i like this menu aranjaments and the simplicity of the comands(if you can make it in violet and white like old yahoo messenger it will be super business class menu – something like special).
    Anyway like i told you: i like this theme chose by you and i keeping it .

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      Great 🙂

  • http://techsofar.com ARPAN

    hey i am new in world of roms………..and want to learn about it……………… so, i have my old galaxy mini for experiments… so, i want to ask you about that……. is this are the only step to follow to install custom rom or i have root my phone or anything else, or root is included in this procedure

    • TechGeekal

      Root is included. When you flash the ROM, your phone will be rooted automatically.

  • Melon

    Is it only me or do you guys experience some glitch in the setting, and the gallery.
    the gallery appears to hame a rainbow like box of bars.
    is it possible to fix this?
    and sometimes the launcher just crash.. a little slow, but nice graphic.

  • Deepak

    Hey my phone get dead, could you please tell me any step so that I can restore my previous OS back ?

  • Harshal Firke

    mobile shoud be rooted..? what is root directory..? i dnt knw