Top 5 Custom ROMs for Galaxy Mini/Pop GT-S5570

By | December 13, 2012

Yes this was really really needed!With innumerable ROMs for our Galaxy mini now available, a list of top  5 was really needed indeed.This is a list that brings to you our set of top 5 ROMs for the Galaxy mini that ranged from ROMs based on Gingerbread all the way to Jellybean.So, here we go…

5.AOKP Jellybean by TheWhisp

Well, some might disagree with me on this that why the hell has AOKP JB been put on number 4???The reason is that it still does not have a few things working like native USB and native WIFI tethering.But, I have got to agree that is one of the smoothest I have ever used.It’s beautiful too with all AOKP features loaded into it that too with a taste of Jellybeans.So, go ahead and try this out as this is a very good ROM provided you do not use the above mentioned features that are not working.

To know more go here…


4.Cyanogenmod 9.1 (Stable) by TheWhisp

Cyanogenmod 9.1, running on 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich is 3rd on our list.It’s got almost all things working, its super smooth and the best of all it is a STABLE build.It’s better than ever before and all the camera and tethering issues have been solved.You can also get video camera working by using the videocamillusion app from the play store.So, whats stopping you?Go ahead and flash this for a smooth, stylish and a lagless experience of ICS on your mini…

For the complete instructions go here…


3.New Experience V8 by autoradio78

Roms may come and Roms may go, but this goes on for ever!This is perhaps the most most stable ROM of them all.Based on the good old Gingerbread it has absolutely EVERYTHING WORKING.You have got to face no issues with things not working.And the worst thing about Gingerbread, which I consider to be it’s looks is not a factor here..It’s themes from top to bottom in the latest Jellybean fashion, right from the statusbar to the settings.So, be sure to flash this on your mini for a very very stable and stylish experience…

To know more go here…


2.Cyanogenmod 10 Jellybean by  TheWhisp and rohan007

After all who does not want to enjoy the taste of jellybeans?At least, i do.And cyanogenmod 10 brings to us this pleasure.Unlike AOKP it does not have the WIFI and USB tethering not working as both of them work which makes it #2 on our list.It’s being developed at a rapid rate too and it’s now a lot smoother and lag free.There are now a couple of threads that deal with Cyanogenmod 10 on mini.One the original Whisp one and the other started by rohan007 recently.So, there’s no denying the fact that it’s still gonna get better and better.So, this is the one you need to have and boast around that you have Jellybean on your mini!!!

For more details go here…

1.Cyanogenmod 10.1 Jellybean 4.2.1 by  AntiBillOS and rohan007

Do you want to be on the latest 4.2.1 version of android that too on your mini?Some may say that you are demanding a lot from your little mini but I don’t!Yes, cyanogenmod 10.1 is here for galaxy mini which is based on 4.2.1 Jellybean.It is real smooth and all the major bugs have  been fixed including the usb and wifi tethering.Only a few minor bugs remain and that does not prevent it from being #1 on our list.It’ development is also going on in full swing which ensures that it is going to become stable in a few days.

For more details go here…

Hope you liked our TOP 5 list but this by  no means mean that the other ROMs posted by the sheer hard work of the devs are any lesser.So, do go ahead and try all of them and don’t forget to post your views here…


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  • markkoenen

    ‘Some may say that you are demanding a lot from your mini’. Does that mean that CyanogenMod 10.1 is relavtively heavy on CPU/battery life? A friend of mine, with a fairly old phone, recommended me to not use standard Android anymore, as with CM stuff on his phone just went faster and his battery lasted alot longer. Those two are important reasons for me to use a custom ROM. Is it a better idea to use a ‘lighter’ ROM?

    • techgeekal

      @markkoenen it purely depends on your needs.You can  choose a lighter ROM that gives you great battery backup and easy use but that wont provide you with all the latest features or for that matter much speed.So it’s your choice really. 🙂

      • markkoenen

        @techgeekal Thanks for the quick reply. I suppose I’ll just give it a swing!

        • techgeekal

          @markkoenen sure.Go ahead!

  • Amit_Kolambikar

    Awesome Post 😀 Love your review,great job and thank you for your time for writing them!!

    • techgeekal

      @Amit_Kolambikar You are always welcome!

  • perjas

    the gprs dont work either

  • perjas

    please help me to work the gprs, because some data  does not read at all

  • Cray Zee

    where can i find or how can i enable “USB debugging” in my galaxy mini? im using CM10.1 (JB 4.2.1)

    • Techgeekal

      Go to setting>Developer Options and enable USB Debugging

  • Amri Fahrizal

    please, help me i need a nandroid backup!

    • Techgeekal

      Then make one from recovery

  • Charles DeafBeat Victor

    Can you suggest me more roms? plz