Cyanogenmod 10 Jellybean for Xperia Miro/Tipo

Well, well, well how often do we see a new device in the market and ponder upon it, When the hell would i get jellybean on this?And all my Miro and tipo users, you have your wishes answered.One of XDA’s premium members FXP has released cyanogenmod 10 for these 2 devices and i must say it is really working flawlessly indeed!So, here is more about it…


Changelogs via

FXP 206

 - latest cm 10.0

 - Fix call volume bug (S, Acro S, ION) - alpha release (TX)

FXP 205

- latest cm 10.

- offline charging (Miro,Tipo,J)

- FM Radio (T,V)

- Fix WPA/WPA2 Tethering (T)


 - latest cm 10.0

 - external recovery support (S, Acro S, ION, T)


- latest cm 10.0 - notification LED fix (Miro,Tipo,J) - rendering fix (Miro,Tipo,J) - ZRAM (Miro,Tipo,J) - power saving (Miro,Tipo,J)


- latest cm 10.0 - camera fix (Tipo,Miro,J) - kernel fix (Tipo,Miro,J) - recovery (J) - video encoder/decoder (Tipo,Miro,J) - Headset detect and audio routing (Tipo,Miro,J) - youtbe fix (Tipo,Miro,J)

 - LED: Customisable blink delay (T)

Installation Instructions-

for the first time

  • Remember to make a backup of your current rom by first flashing cwm from here
  • Download the ROM from here
  • power off the phone:
  • hold vol+ and plug usb to boot into fastboot (blu led)
  • Open cmd in the folder where you have pasted boot.img and type ” fastboot flash boot boot.img “(from cm10 zip)
  •  Type fastboot reboot
  • enter recovery, on boot led will be violet for 3”, during this period press vol+
  • flash rom zip
  • flash gapps zip
  • wipe  and reboot
  • Remember that if you don’t flash the ROM and only install cwm then your phone will not boot at all and will come only to recvery.If this happens restore the backup made earlier :)



Here’s a quick video on how to install

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