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By | August 31, 2012

After explorer came into the market really very few custom roms where out there. Its good specs were overshadowed by less number of users .JaggyRom  was the first to greet the explorer. And why would you prefer this rom ? Cause it has every feature of the phone working and is the most widely famous rom for htc explorer.JaggyRom is based has android 2.3.5 and sense 3.5 UI .JaggyRom is  by jaggyjags  a senior member at xda.You can see its screenshots below, followed by a feature list, change log,download and install instructions.

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It can be said the most complete and stable rom for htc  explorer out there. Its other features are as follows –

  • Rooted
  • Kernel by yannou90.
  • Ext-2,3,4 partition support.
  • task killer tweak for speed
  • Apps2sd enabled
  • BusyBox installed
  • Booting HTC Sound dissabled
  • Dalvic-cache to SD enabled
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned to optimize Ram usage at every boot.
  • +135mb free internal memory at startup.
  • “ES file explorer”, “Easyinstaller” and “A2SDGUI” preinstalled.
  • Dissabled scrolling cache.
  • Blue theme with scrolling glow.
  • CRT on/off animation.
  • Advanced quick settings.
  • Swipe to remove notifications.

 Change log of version 3

  • Fixed CRT issue (sometimes rebooting after a call)
  • Added advanced quick settings
  • Added Adrenaline engine!

Increase touchscreen sensitivity
✔ Less RAM usage through zipalign. | World first smart zipaligning
✔ Reduced /dbdata, /data, /sdcard usage of *.db files and faster database access. | World first smart sqlite optimizing
✔ Faster disk access through remount script (noatime, disabled barrier etc) | World first smart remounting
✔ Better network throughput from TCP tweaks and 3G tweaks
✔ Tons of prop tweaks
✔ Overall Better Performance and Battery Life
✔ Less lags through LMK Tweak and Various VM Tweaks
✔ Faster SDCARD Read/Write Speed
✔ Bypass website like thepiratebay.se

– Added Bravia and Xloud engline.

Bravia engine: Improve screen quality of the display (You’ll see improvements when you view a photo, watch movies, play games

Xloud engine: will make the volume more louder, sound quality is crispier and very clear than stock, and bass issues from stock will be fixed

Blue Theme (system, dialer, keyboard, etc…)

Installation process

IMPORTANT: you need recovery by yannou90 with ext support to use this rom, please follow step 3 from this tutorial (or 1 to 3 if you have not rooted your phone yet).

1. Backup your existing ROM first (steps a to e):
a. Reboot into Recovery menu.
b. Select “Backup and Restore”
c. Select the “Backup” option (don’t remember the exact text)
d. When done, select the Reboot System option
e Connect phone to PC using data cable and copy the folder clockworkmod from the sdcard to somewhere on your PC in case its needed for restoring later.

2. Prepare your SD card, using MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition,
a. move all existing data on the SD Card to your PC and delete all files from it. RESIZE your existing FAT32 partition to a size where your unallocated space is at least 1GB but not more than 2GB.
b. Create a new ext4 Primary partition using all the unallocated space.
c. Apply changes

[I’ve written RESIZE in CAPS because when I tried deleting and creating the FAT32 and ext4, my phone didn’t recognize the formatting as valid. So I allowed the phone to reformat the sd card and then did it using resize FAT32 instead]

3.Download the latest version of JaggyRom from here.    [GoogleApps included]

  • Copy the latest version of JaggyROM.zip to the sdcard root. Don’t place in any folder. Rename it to update.zip
  •  Select “Wipe data/factory reset” option. Note that this option is present in the Recovery menu and is not the “Factory Reset” option available outside of Recovery menu.
  •  Select “Install zip from SD Card” and “Apply /sdcard/update.zip” and confirm.
  • Once done, select “reboot system”

First boot takes a little longer than expected so be patient and don’t try to reset the device. The JaggyROM boot screen will show up: amuse yourself with the animation and refrain from touching the device Once booted up, let it sit a while longer to stabilize before unlocking the screen.And Enjoy !


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  • saad

    hi i restored factory setting now i cannot install jaggy rom it shows (BAD) ERROR and file is terminated i also format boot…
    kindly help

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      This appens when the zip file is not completely downloaded.Re download the file and then flash again!

  • kapish

    after installing im stuck on the htc logo, any ideas to what i did wrong? how long should it take? thanks

  • ben

    i got inly abour 54mb free internal memory at startup. why is that?

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      try reflashing

  • ben

    i have partitioned my sd card. so instead of doing the #2 above, i just format my sd card n its partition independently. Should i do otherwise instead? meaning, do i need to delete the old partition, format the entire SD Card and then re-do the partition as per #2 again?

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal


  • Saad

    My phone worked good after the rooting process and the partitioned SD Card was also working but now after a few days when i took out my memory card and put it back in all the apps which had moved to SD card from phone have stopped working including Facebook, Google Play, link2sd and all the others….. what do i do now??? Plz Help

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      try to reboot n if still not working then reflash

  • kapish

    after re flashing it it worked, however started to freeze randomly , this was due to the phone not being able to handle the over clocked kernal provided with jaggy rom 3, i then flashed it with cranium kernal which made it work 🙂 but now i cant install any apps, it just says insufficient memory, when internal memory is 110 mbs or so.. any suggestions

    • Ben

      May be you can re-run the recovery.bat. Read the faq in the xda forum with regards of jaggyrom 3.2.1 flashing.

  • milan

    evrything was fine , i followed everystep allright
    i flashed it 5 hours ago from now
    bt first it freezed three times , i removed the battery nd turned it on all the three times
    now it is nt freezing but it is lagging severly
    its too slow
    please help

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      try another ROM man

      • milan

        its nt lagging now bt its freezing 🙁
        i dont wanna try another ROM
        tell me wot shud i do? :/

  • Ben

    After flashing cranium kernel n rerun the recovery.bat, all work fine n wonderful.

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal


  • milan

    @ben – can you help me with the link and steps for flashing cranium kernel nd rerunning recovery.bat?
    please 🙂
    and are you sure it will work for me?

  • Ben

    There is a few apps that could not be installed when flashing this rom. Are u aware or ever heard about this anywhere?

    What happened was, after finished download n trying to is stall, there will be error msg "could not install on SD card".

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Suhail-Ahmed-Abbasis/169529129750359?ref=ts Suhail Ahmed

    I am stuck at boot animation.. please help?

    • https://technosip.blogspot.com TechnoSip

      Check whether your sd second partition is Ext 2,3,4 or not. Make sure that it is primary partition.

  • md .imtiyaz

    while i am trying to reboot my phone in recovery mode it is shoing an error symbol why it is happened i cant understand can any body tell the solution

  • ankur

    its really amazing. by mistake I performed factory reset from boot loader. thanks to jaggy Rom. I followed each and every steps carefully. now its almost 2 weeks, its working fantastic with htc sense and all things are functioning. its better than the prevoious rooted htc ROM. mail advantage is, u will never have to worry about internal Srtorage. now I can install any app of any size.

    I would like to suggest only one thing. follow each and every step carefully.

    I have only one doubt, after installing this rom, can I do factory reset or not?

  • aldous

    can anyone help me cox i’m having difficult time for this stuff
    i’m a new user for this htc explorer phone.
    can you please elaborate futher where i can find the 1 steps
    thanks hoping to help me

  • http://www.facebook.com/cricket.allrounder Farzan Hussain

    I flashed it but theres no youtube and theres only 54 mb internal memory! Help.

  • roshan

    hi…Unable to install any software APK after flashing.. all the processess are working fine but while clicking on install handset gets reboot..
    Please help…

  • http://www.facebook.com/coolhaseeb Haseeb Imtiaz

    link2sd sd is not recognising 2nd partition i used ext4 when i open link2sd it says choose your partition(what ever) i choosed ext4 it says restart your phone every time after resatarting it Again says chose partition(whatever..) ext 2,ext4 or fat 🙁 whaT shOuld i dOo!!

  • meet

    someone told me we need to re root the phone after installing the rom….true?

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal


  • vishesh

    hey if i install this rom my all data would be deleted..??

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal


  • Pritesh

    I did everything according to the steps and after applying the Wipe data/factory reset it says it cant mount the SD card .. and now when i try to restart the phone it is just stuck at HTC screen …
    what to do ?? please help …

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      check if you have downloaded the full file and then reflash

    • https://technosip.blogspot.com TechnoSip

      This problem arises if you have tried resizing your FAT32 partition with existing data. You need to format your FAT32 partition. I faced same problem. I formated the SD card and then it worked perfectly…………

  • dinesh

    100% works fine…JaggyRom
    any help

    • komal

      i installed cm9 with cwm recovery then i install jaggyrom 4 .. i did this procedure to install jaggy rom ” reboot into recovery..wipe data..wipe cache.. wipe dalvik cache.. install rom zip frm sd card..install succesfully ..then reboot syestm..” now i stuck on htc logo screen..its been half hour but nothing happen ..what should i do? now?

  • Mohan

    I have installed jaggyrom successfully….
    But If I remove the SD card, mobile does not work….
    I have made my SD card to 1.8 GB to install the rom….
    can I make it to 4 GB again…

    • http://techgeekal.wordpress.com techgeekal

      please explain

  • komal

    i installed cm9 with cwm recovery then i install jaggyrom 4 .. i do this..boot into recovery .. wipe data.. wipe dalvik cache.. then install the jaggyrom from sd card and reboot system..nOw i stuck on htc logo screen.. i’ll wait for 30min but nothing happen..what should i do ? now?

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      did you wipe cache?

  • helpme!

    Ive tried this b4 using many methods,jaggy rom 4.0.3.i tried that 2-3 times and now 4.1.always the same thing-stuck on htc boot screen.plz dont ignore,is there any step im missing.i really want to overclock my phone coz gaming is becoming a matter.dont give useless replies.(im a noob)

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      Can you please explain what all you have done while installing it?

  • Atharva

    how long does it take for the first boot? my device is showing the jaggyrom boot animation for about 20-25 minutes!

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal


  • sidhant vijay

    we have to wipe cache or not ??

    • http://www.techgeekal.com Tech Geekal

      You have to

  • amit kansal

    Hey hi, all is working fine on my HTC explorer.. many thanks for this wonderful post, every step is clear and very easy to install all the stuff.
    But problem is OS stucking(Hang) on some application and then even the power button does not work. So, I have to re-insert battery.. is there any way to get rid of this. +
    now i am not able to view my recent open application just above the notification how can I get that view back as it was in my original rom.

    • Techgeekal

      Yes, the hanging problem is there because it is gingerbread based. I suggest you try out the jellybean cyanogenmod 10 ROM.
      For getting the view back, just flash it aagin

      • amit kansal

        Thank you so much but I am wondering currently i have installed so many apps on this ROM. If am changing to jellybean as you suggested then how can I get back all this stuff on my new ROM.

        • Techgeekal

          The stuff you installed will be gone. You would have to install them again.

      • amit kansal

        And please suggest me the ROM also with excellent performance. Jaggyrom 3 is not good, as many times it stops working. And for rebooting I need to remove my battery again n again. You already suggested me on ROM, but I am not sure if I have to go with this.

        • Techgeekal

          Try AOKP ICS instead, its completely smooth 😉

          • amit kansal

            aww, now I installed jellybean cyanogenmod 10 ROM beta.. anyway, next time.

          • amit kansal

            AOKP ICS, would it require G-Apps installation separately? And A2GUI application will work on it?

  • Jurij

    I am trying to install the rom. But it gets stuck at the white screen with the HTC logo. Even if I try to reset my phone it does the same thing.